Alisa Tager develops and produces film, television, multimedia projects and events internationally. She is also developing new projects merging science and technology with design and media.

She is a consultant at Samsung to produce virtual reality, events and related content, integrating technology and design with entertainment. Recent projects include the virtual reality film 24: LEGACY prequel, THE RAID;  also, THE NIGHT BEFORE virtual reality film and associated 4D experiential installation.

In 2016, she gave three talks at Gensler (in NY and LA) about Fictional Thinking and using the tools of Hollywood in the design process. In early 2015, she began collaborating with NCC, the Scandinavian construction, environments and architectural development company . In January 2015, she was the keynote speaker at the Danish Building Society’s annual meeting to talk about this approach.

She produced The Night Stalker, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, written & directed by Megan Griffiths. The movie premiered at the Seattle Film Festival. Her short film for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation has been shown at the UN AIDS conference, as well as conferences in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. She worked with Ryan Trecartin and Jenny Fitch to produce Center Jenny, a film and installation project for the Venice Biennale 2013. She also produced the movie, Arthur Newman, directed by Dante Ariola, starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. In partnership with Co-Collections, an LA-based fashion company, Alisa produced two shorts: She Said, She Said, written and directed by Stuart Blumberg, starring Marisa Tomei, Elodie Bouchez, David Wain and Aubrey Plaza and also the animated short Tependris Rising illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias and directed by DaftArts. In September 2012, she produced and shot the footage for Jay-Z’s concert series at Barclay’s Center.

Her projects in development include Flipper’s at TNT, about LA’s legendary roller disco boogie palace. Other projects include Blood Vows at A&E with Jesse Wigutow writing and directing; Border Country with Heitor Dhalia directing a script from Jonathan Stokes; Prêt a Deporter with Luis Javier Heinane directing; and Church Universal Triumphant at Showtime with Annette Bening starring and Bridget Bedard writing.

Collider, her imprint at Image Comics with Marc Guggenheim, has two titles in current circulation: Halcyon and The Mission.

Previously, Tager was an Executive Producer of Guillermo Arriaga’s directorial debut, Burning Plain; Executive Producer on Joss Whedon’s feature directorial debut, Serenity; Executive Producer on Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film, Enemy at the Gates, filmed in Germany; Executive Producer on Sergei Bodrov’s feature Running Free, filmed in Namibia. She previously served as Associate Producer on Annaud’s Seven Years in Tibet, shot in Argentina and Canada.

Known for producing complex content internationally, often with first-time directors, she has also helped transition creators from one medium into another. Budgets and scales range from small independent projects through high-end Hollywood productions. Her relationships cross the spectrum of directors, writers, designers and crews.

She is on the Advisory Board of the LA Makers Space, which is soon to occupy 4,000 square feet behind the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles: http://www.lamakerspace.com

Tager has a BA in history from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in International Relations from Yale University. She is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.

After university, Tager lived in Spain, where she worked with a major concert promoter and also with Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Records. She then moved to New York where she produced a diverse range of projects in theater, music, art and video domestically as well as in Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, South Korea and Russia. She was also a journalist, writing for several international publications.

She now lives in Los Angeles.

There is also a Young X-Man character named Alisa Tager, code named Cipher. Unlike the real Alisa, Cipher can walk through walls.


She can be reached at alisatager@gmail.com